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Scientific Name 


Common Species 

Leiognathus equulus, Gazza minuta and Leiognathus splendens 

Common Name 

Slipmouths, Ponyfishes and Slimys 

Local Name 



Shallow coastal tropical waters up to about 50 meters 

Fishing Gear 

Bottom trawl and traps 

Size Commonly Caught 

12 - 16 cm total length 

Physical Appearance 

Sold fresh at market. Small, sedentary fish, shoals in shallow coastal water. Feeds on invertebrates. Elongate oval compressed body with naked, bony ridges to dorsum of head. Conspicuous concave lower jaw profile produces pointed snout. Terminal mouth protractile and maxilla absent from external edge of mouth. Eyes relatively large. High lateral line closely concurrent to dorsum profile. Extended spinous front dorsal almost continuous to soft-rayed portion. 

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