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…..The rain was killing the last glimpse of summer,
you were killing my last breath of love….."

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In the pouring rain
As the cold wind sings
As the music dies
Thoughts of you keep haunting me
And deep within my soul
Half of me cry
You would never be mine
Never mine.
The good feelings we had
Still lingers on my mind
Wanna feel your skin next to mine
Wanna close my eyes
And dream of you
Wanna touch you love
Touch you like we used to do.
Each night
As I close my eyes
I thought of when
I’ll get over this
Now time passes slowly
And I’m still here
Watching you walking by
Walking by me.
Why time
Has kept us apart
When love was all that we had
And why these tears
Keep falling down
Even when you
Are still around.
The world screams at me
The candle burns lightly
The pain grows deep down in me
Those loving eyes watching me
A little hope builds slowly…
Same old me
Same piece of broken heart
Same picture of shattered dreams
Same lonely cry
Painfully alive
Alone with
Silent cry…

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