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How many times do you want to hear
That I'm sorry?
Sorry for hurting you
Sorry for letting you believe
I was someone you could love
It started so innocently
And escalated so quickly
That I'm left trying
To catch my breath
In thin atmosphere
With no ground in sight...
Did I mention
That I'm afraid of heights?
And I'm starting to believe
I need to keep my feet on the ground
For a while.
I can't bear the knowledge
That I'm the cause of your pain
But how many times do you want me to say
That I'm sorry?
Sorry for risking it
Sorry for letting myself believe
That I could love.


Eerrrr hello there if I may speak
My heart sadden by words you speak
But remind you may, that's not the peak
In life there's much to learn, although you do not seek.

A journey yet you must proceed
An adventure yet you must seek
A word or two I hope may help you succeed
Be patient be honest, may difficulty be sweet

As life is like an adventure, endure
For faith in the Almighty, very much in need
For in the desperate climb, Everest venture
of words by Sir Edmund Hillary, I proceed

"If the going is tough and pressure is on;
if reserves of strength have been drained
and the summit still not in sight,
then the quality to see in a person is neither great strength
nor quickness of hand,
but rather a resolute mind
firmly set on its purpose that refuses
to let its body slacken or rest."

Eerrr regret you must if there's a need
Be sad be happy it's up to you to pick
For destiny you will meet
In the choices you pick.

relax larrrr REGRet

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