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The children were seated next to each other, not knowing what to do.  School was done for the day, and all the other children had gone home.

Suresh, Peck Lin, Boon Huat & Roger were the only ones left in the school. The trishaw driver was late. Thay were bored.

"Let's play hide and seek in the coconut trees," Suresh suggested.

Peck Lin was the only girl among them. She was also the timidest. Nervously, she glanced at the grove of distant coconut trees.

"Remember that we were told to stay away from the trees?"

"The teachers are not here now. No one will know. It'll be so exciting." Boon Huat said.

The four left their bags at the school gate and walked towards the trees. There, Suresh turned his back towards them and faced the tree. With his hands crossing his eyes, he counted to twenty. In less than 5 counts, all others had scattered to their various hiding place. When Suresh turned around, no one was in sight.

"OK, I'm coming to get you, " Suresh shouted.

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While Suresh was looking around, he saw Roger who was hiding nearby, and tried to catch him. Fortunately, Roger was a quick runner and managed to touch the 'safe tree' in time.

Giving up on gloating Roger, Suresh saw Boon Huat hiding behind another corner.

"Boon Huat! I spotted you. Hahaha, I'm coming to get you!" Suresh yelled, making a dash for Boon Huat.

"Yeah, right! I'm safe at the 'safe tree'. How are you going to get me?" came the reply for behind.

Turning around abruptly, Suresh saw Boon Huat standing next to Roger at the 'safe tree'.

"Who was it that I saw earlier?" thought Suresh to himself.

When he looked back at the spot, the person had already gone.

Now that Roger and Boon Huat were at the 'safe tree', Suresh had to find Peck Lin. He looked high and low for her but could not find her. When he looked at the 'safe tree' he saw only Roger and Peck Lin there.

"Where did Boon Huat go?" Suresh shouted, a little disgruntled since he had not caught anyone tonight.

"Boon Huat? He did not play at all. The moment the game started, he ran off to the toilet." Roger shouted back.

However, Suresh was sure that he had seen Boon Huat playing in the game earlier. Sensing that something was wrong, Suresh walked up to them and told them what he saw.

Hearing the story, the three got frightened and ran back to the school, looking for Boon Huat. Tru enouth, they found him still inside the toilet.

"Boon Huat, were you  in the toilet all along?" Suresh asked.

"Yeah, I got diarrhoea. Just finisehd my 'business'. Why?" Boon Huat replied from inside the toilet.

Suresh was very sure that he had seen someone there who looked exactly like Boon huat.

"Hey guys, how come you came in without me?" A voice came from behind Suresh.

The three children turned around.

"Boon Huat?" Peck Lin asked, bewildered.

"But you were in the toilet all the time!" Roger said.

"No, I rasa somewhere else to hide after Suresh had spotted me."

ROger, opened the toilet door; the cubicle was empty.

"Hey! It was a good game. Let's play another!"

The three looked at the mirror and saw a yount Malay boy grinning at them.

It was then they realised that who Suresh had seen, and whom they had just talked to was a ghost. Glancing around nervously, all of them realised that the ghost had entered the school. They all ran towards the trishaw rider, who had just arrived.lamb.gif (1984 bytes)