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Our friendship, shattered like a crystal bowl
lies on the floor between us, while we stand
knowing that neither time, nor skillful hand,
nor all our sorrowing, will make it whole.

But only yesterday
it was a wonder:
so clear it was,
and skillfully wrought.

I set it on the mantel of my thought
to see it broken by a moment's blunder.
Careless, I placed it perilously high.
Careless, you made a clumsy move
which sent it crashing
to destruction on the grate.

Oh, we have both been careless,
you and I
like children
playing with an ornament
who do not know its worth
until too late.

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Hi there Angel of Death, fear reside in all
Careful always being it, but carelessness spoil all
Friendship we forged, must it come with obligations
Be truthful and honest, heavenly destination

Regret be not, for it could be the destiny
Mend we must, do not let it be eternity
An apology in in words
Like a song, for sorry seem to be the hardest words

Learn we must, as required of us
As early as dawn, until dusk
For it can be late, it's up to us
For forgiveness from God, is always for us

Excuse me, if wrong in what I say
Forgive me, I ask you in every way
No intention, to disagree
Just a thought, I like to share with thee

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